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Websites are often the first and most frequent place that the public engages with your company or brand. It’s the face of your company and a destination. Using the latest tools, technologies, and content management systems, Sharkey Advertising creates brilliant user-friendly websites that combine style with substance. Every project is approached with enthusiasm and passion generating creative solutions that are innovative, engaging, and relevant.

We Love Details. We Believe They Make the Difference.
A successful website will combine great design, creativity, sharp copy writing, and an intuitive user interface. It can be one of your most powerful marketing tools. But effectiveness is in the details. Great branded copy. Smooth navigation. Content that connects with the user and clearly communicates your message. Our website development and UX/UI web design teams produce effective creative solutions that exceed industry standards.
Our expertise is in:


We’re a Full-service Web Development Agency that Gets Involved From Conceptualization and Execution to Implementation and Management
Sharkey’s web development team produces strikingly unique web designs and websites that create interest for their intended market. Website development can provide businesses with dynamic platforms to showcase services and products, and at the same time increase awareness. Quality is always assured, from the aesthetics to developing the back-end components.

Sharkey Advertising’s creative website development team consistently delivers high-quality websites that are compelling and generate website traffic. Our expertise and skills are matched only by our passion and dedication to provide our clients aesthetically pleasing websites with unsurpassed user-experiences to boost their businesses online.

Video Production and Motion Graphics
Videos are an important and growing method of communication on the web because videos combine audio, motion and the act of storytelling to communicate important information quickly and concisely. Sharkey Advertising can help your brand messaging using Motion Graphics—or motion animation—Sizzle Reels, White Board Videos, and Digital Flip Books to engage customers. Let Sharkey Advertising create your next video to help your company stand out in digital media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
For many companies, SEO can be critical to their overall marketing and branding campaigns. Keywords relating to your brand need to rank highly on search engines to give your brand legitimacy and to make sure potential customers can find your business easily. Sharkey Advertising uses “best practices” for content and SEO optimization to increase your search rankings, attract the right customers and get tangible results.

SEO is a great way to target almost any segment of your customer base. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance support, SEO can help companies boost business:

• Increase the number of visitors
• Attract the right audience
• Improve user experience
• Increase conversion rates

New websites especially need proper SEO. We spend the time analyzing each page, putting Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and all other SEO structure in place. We set up the appropriate reports, making sure meta information is correct, and more. The ongoing SEO then revisits these items based on the reports results we’re seeing, what people are using to find the website, optimizing future content additions, or running AdWords campaigns.

Essential Web Maintenance and Support
The website maintenance and support services Sharkey provides is essential for security and peace of mind. It automatically makes backups of your website, monitors for spam, uptime and plugin/theme updates. Keeping a website up-to-date and clean is essential. Web maintenance helps avoid any downtime and potential damage to the business, should you be the target of a malicious web attack.

Website Content Maintenance is a Crucial Foundation in Any Marketing Strategy
Let Sharkey Advertising maintain the content on your website so you can focus on running your business. Content freshness builds traffic. When the information on your website is updated on a regular basis, it gives visitors a reason to come back frequently. That reinforces branding and provides opportunities for customer engagement. If you have an active business, you have things to talk about! New products and services, company news, staff changes, policy changes and more. Importantly, Google ignores websites that aren’t updated which can affect your ranking and traffic giving viewers a bad impression. Fresh content is about making sure your website is visible when your potential customers are searching.

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