Brand Strategy


Sharkey Advertising brings brands to market. We create print and digital assets for visual marketing campaigns, advertising and media. We execute strong email marketing campaigns and develop powerful social media reach. We provide marketing and branding insights to develop experiences that bring audiences together.

You’ve Branded. Now What?
Once a brands’ identity has launched, it’s critically important to monitor your messaging to customers. Your brand is an active and evolving entity that represents your company and interacts with customers every day.

Over time, things can change. Your target audience might shift or the market you serve evolves. Your brand’s messaging may no longer be in alignment with your products and services. An important part of branding is consistency. When brand messaging must shift, Sharkey Advertising can help you rebrand to keep your brand equity strong and customer engagement positive.

Our expertise includes:


We bring the human experience to the digital world, to help brands grow online. We promote our clients’ brands with digital marketing strategies that includes SEO, email marketing, social media and more.

Advertising Media Planning and Buying
Sharkey Advertising executes brilliant marketing and media strategies and efficient media planning and buying. We optimizing advertising campaigns across all channels including traditional, digital and emerging platforms. Our clients are assured of optimal media reach, proper frequency and cost-effectiveness and ultimately bottom-line results for every dollar invested.

While web trends come and go, Sharkey Advertising has held to our core values—great visual design, intuitive user interfaces, and content creation—which speak to each client’s brand messaging. We provide complete print and digital marketing solutions. We engage users with design that is easy to navigate, simple to manage and is user-friendly while accurately representing your company.

Email Marketing
Sharkey Advertising can help you develop an in-depth email marketing strategy. Email marketing offers a wide range of techniques. It can be used to inform customers about special promotions or discounts. You can make use of personalized recommendations for customers. You can send coupons to help to motivate sales. Even simple reminders can be an effective way to keep customers updated and invested in your company, and to generate consumer interest.

We’ll create artistic email templates, landing pages or original campaign creative to increase the visual impact of your emails. We can create content, test headlines for best open rates and develop effective “call-to-action’s” so your emails are both beautiful, on message and effective.

The Branding Brief
The first step of any branding process starts with the Sharkey Advertising Branding Questionnaire. It’s the most crucial part of the overall process and should result in a design brief that guides the rest of the project. We approach each project with creative and strategic thinking—whether your challenge is creating a new brand, merging brands, or refreshing your brand, we offer knowledge and expertise in elevating and moving your brand forward.

Social Media
As social media has evolved Sharkey Advertising has honed our expertise on all social platforms. Effectively designed Banner Ads can make the difference between a user stopping to click on your ad or getting lost in a sea of online ads. A complete brand strategy involves promoting your brand through all available channels, and social media is an important way to grow your brand’s visibility. An active social media presence will make your company and brand more recognizable and respectable. A social media presence can also help improve brand loyalty, especially if you use it to engage with customers. Social media especially helps build individual ties, and it makes your business more personable and trustworthy.

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