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Sharkey Advertising builds brands. Using sound strategy, brilliant design and engaging visuals, we help people connect positively with your brand through the power of brand experience.

Your Brand Defines Who You Are and What You Believe
Branding is how your audience connects with you and what you promise to give them in return. It is your uniqueness, what differentiates you from your competition. We’ll uncover all of these elements to create your authentic, engaging brand identity then tell its story using the elements of brand naming, identity design, messaging, marketing, and advertising. Using our expertise in marketing strategy, design, content, and technology, we bring brands to life.

Our expertise includes:


As a brand design agency, we start with creating branding strategies, including brand positioning and brand personality. Brand strategy is one of the most essential components of great branding. It tells what brands value, how they behave, how audiences view them, and much more. Sharkey focuses on brand design, brand development and helping our clients build brand equity.

A Logo Should First be Memorable and Be a Symbol of What the Company Represents
Sharkey Advertising delivers beautiful and effective logo design. Every logo must be unique and able to communicate a specific message that encapsulates the core values and primary essence of a company. It is a symbol of what the company does and stands for. It’s one part of the bigger message that makes up your corporate identity.

Conceptualizing an effective logo for a company or product is a serious process. A custom logo design must meet existing design principles and standards including balance, alignment, consistency, white space, and contrast. Whether it’s large to be displayed on a billboard or small for printing on a business card, a good logo must maintain its integrity and original form.

Your custom logo will define the foundation of your brand from which your full brand identity will flow—including graphic elements, colors, imagery style, and more. All of these creative elements are captured in a style guide that will define the rules for using the logo across different platforms during your brand activation. The style guide will help to sustain your brand identity consistently and strategically—logo, colors, fonts, layout themes—across various media channels to elicit positive recognition and interaction with your chosen audience.

At Sharkey Advertising we are committed to consistently delivering high quality logo design that will enable our clients to stand above their competition. Our award-winning design team has conceptualized and designed logos for a multitude of business categories while maintaining a passion for fresh new ideas.

Naming Strategies for Telling Your Brand’s Story
Sharkey Advertising successfully delivers effective brand names that are always creative, and most importantly, are on strategy. Branding often starts with a name—for a company or a product. We believe the best brands tell great stories. It’s why we partner with our clients to learn their brand positioning and create impactful work that not only represents their business but also connects them with people emotionally.

We believe the best names arise with creative thinking and are grounded in serious analysis, imagination and open-minded exploration. In this space of curiosity and contemplation, truly amazing brands are born.

Design is Communication
Sharkey Advertising focuses on the user experience to create strong visual impact, and powerful brand communication to ensure that a brand message is clear, concise and engaging.
Effective corporate identity tells your unique story. It creates a special feeling and conveys a unique message about the company and brand to the user. Brand design, development and brand equity all stem from your story expressed by beautiful aesthetics and intuitive actions.

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