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From the initial creative to the final published work, our highly skilled and experienced production team offers a full range of visually driven publishing services.

Sharkey Advertising is dedicated to the highest quality production of books, magazines, newspaper flyers and special sections. Our full-service, end-to-end project management includes copy editing and proofreading, artwork and design and complete digital and print production.


Your Book, Magazine or Special Section Doesn’t Need to Look Good—It Needs to Look Great.
A striking, brilliant design is a fundamental element in your print product and is central to your marketing efforts.  At Sharkey Advertising, you will find talented and experienced designers for covers and interior graphics, illustrators and typographers who have dedicated their careers to creating beautiful books, magazines, and inserts.

Design and Execution
Sharkey Advertising manages every aspect of design production including cover design, page layout, and typesetting to structure the content in a captivating format. This involves choosing appropriate typefaces, determining font size and spacing and ensuring that all typographical elements in a piece of work complement one another. Strong photo images and illustrations are the best way to make your book stand out. We will provide the type of gorgeous, eye-catching artwork for your book or special section that will instantly set your work apart from the crowd!

Your Book’s Cover is The First Impression Readers Will Have About You
An effective cover design for your book should clearly communicate the title, signal the genre, and capture an appropriate audience. In other words, design is crucial to your book’s aesthetics and sales. If you fail to properly address the external appearance of your book, it will seriously reduce the chances of your work ever being noticed.

Tell a Story. A Really Good One. Our Content Team Will Craft the Perfect Voice to Engage Your Audience and Build Your Brand.
Copy writing is all about selling a brand. It’s about producing strong content that directly and meaningfully invites your audience into a conversion. When we write fresh content or edit your existing content, we take a consultative approach based on our experience with print and digital marketing as a whole. We make sure that your copy is consistent across your brand, and that it effectively tells your brand story.

Copy editing also depends on that very personal understanding of a given brand. To edit is to bring out the best in something. Good editing is all about voice. It helps the words on the page express the right ideas while being consistent with the branding. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients, and their context, before we get to work.

Copy Writing and Copy Editing
Our experienced, seasoned editors will edit your content for grammar, punctuation, voice and flow. All content is thoroughly proofread before its release to our client to ensure that there are no errors and that your message is clearly and effectively communicated. No matter what you’re doing in print or on the web, whether it’s creating a new website, sending out a newsletter, updating your Facebook page, or launching a Google Ads campaign, you’ll need descriptive and exact wording to make your content sing.

Print Management and Execution
Sharkey Advertising doesn’t just deliver high quality creative products. We provide best-in-class printing at extremely competitive pricing. Using our nationwide network of manufacturing facilities, we deliver on-time and on-budget for your toughest printing requirements. If your challenge is producing a book that is a mix of hard-cover and soft-cover, delivered to multiple locations around the country or internationally—or, production and delivery of 5 million customized receipting slips—we’ll get it done. Our printing partners can handle any specialty printing technique including foil stamping, custom binding, die-cutting, embossing or simple, short-run books or magazine flyer inserts. So, if printed creative is part of your marketing mix, rest assured that we will exceed your expectations.

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