Content + Visual Development, Print Marketing

Tupperware is the entrepreneurial business that has swept the globe with over 2.9 million in the Tupperware brands sales force. They sell containers, food processors, kitchen gadgets, microwave cookers and more.

We were hired to produce multi-forms direct mail marketing pieces to engage new customers and potential entrepreneurs. These self-mailers were designed with perforations and custom mail backs for the user.

“Marketing collateral is a visibility strong part of your company’s image, and quality collateral will help promote your brand to interested customers.”

Behind the Scenes

Sharkey Advertising created these direct mail marketing pieces targeted at new movers in designated neighborhoods. This initiative was used to open up the opportunity to attract future entrepreneurs by using a special order card form.

Client: Tupperware


Marketing Collateral – Direct Mail Marketing

Whether it’s a direct mail piece, a presentation or trade show support, you need well-designed brochures and business cards to give out to those interested in your company. All these forms of collateral serve to give an impression of your company, and if the collateral is on point, extending your brand and beautifully designed, it will ensure that your business presents a professional image.

Direct Mail Postcards. Direct mail postcards are a great way to get your message in front of potential customers. Big visuals, creative copy and an effective call-to-action are the key to getting results. You will achieve the best ROI when the direct mail postcard is coupled with a well-timed email blast of the same content to the same list of prospects.