Spectra Data Group

Content + Visual Development, Print Marketing, Digital Marketing

Spectra Data Group was a full-service multi-channel marketing company offering Online, Print, Data and Mobile marketing solutions. Spectra’s Master Consumer File, Data Append & Enhancement, Scoring & Profiling, Modeling & Analytics and Data Hygiene solutions was the backbone of the company.

We were hired for the purpose of creating something new and different with this unexpected branding campaign for print, corporate collateral, email marketing and trade show support. As Acting CMO, Spectra’s strategy was to introduce state-of-the-art technologies, restructure and re-brand them to make them more profitable to sell.

“Our Bigger Than Life campaign touted Big Results…How Sweet it is.”

Behind the Scenes

Whimsical and fresh are the words that describe the new creative branding concept for Spectra. The use of beautifully executed large fruit and vegetable imagery in contrast to whimsical nymphs were awe-inspiring and unexpected in the data and direct marketing arena. Our Bigger Than Life campaign touted Big Results…How Sweet it is—was a clever play on words that received the sought-after attention we were looking for.

Client: Spectra Data Group

“I hired Fran and her firm at 3 different firms that I was president of over about a 10 year period of time. Her firm did all our creative, website design, media placement and image building. Her work won several industry awards. As result of her work, each firm grew in size and it most case we more than doubled our annual revenue. Her and her team were wonderful to work with, very creative, cutting edge and always on time. Her firm is one of the best kept secrets in the industry, a real winner in my book.”

— Dave Thornbury, Previous CEO of Spectra Data Group


How to use social media in multi-channel marketing

Solidify your brand. A complete brand strategy involves promoting your brand through all available channels, and social media is an important way to grow your brand’s visibility. An active social media presence will make your company and brand more recognizable and respectable. A social media presence can also help improve brand loyalty, especially if you use your social media to engage with customers. It helps build individual ties, and it makes your business seem more personable and trustworthy.