The New Food Economy

Content + Visual Development, Print Marketing

The New Food Economy is an award-winning nonprofit newsroom that uses independent, deep, and unbiased reporting to investigate the forces shaping how and what we eat. NFE is the home of a new kind of food journalism.

We were hired for the purpose of creating a new branded PowerPoint presentation deck for this once start up. Our team was excited to work with this food-conscious media outlet promoting this social movement.

“The New Food Economy is the home of a new kind of food journalism..”

Behind the Scenes

Since this was a new start-up and there were virtually no branded materials, The New Food Economy came to us to design and produce a sales presentation in PowerPoint format. We used organic farm to table type imagery to depict the industry, designed a template than populated the final deck.


Marketing Collateral – Multi-Focused PowerPoint Presentation Decks

Online strategies are so important for modern day marketing that marketing collateral is often overlooked. However, marketing collateral is an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. Marketing collateral is part of your company’s image, and quality collateral will help to promote your brand to interested customers.

Having visually appealing and well-crafted marketing collateral is imperative to ensuring your company maintains a professional image in a wide range of situations. There are many different types of marketing collateral, and they all play important roles.

Multi-Focused PowerPoint Presentation Decks. In an important sales presentation, you want to have a custom, branded and well-designed PowerPoint deck that highlights your company’s products and services. The decks should always be saved as a PDF so the deck cannot be manipulated and it can be sized down for easy emailing as a leave behind.