SMS Marketing Services, Inc.

Content + Visual Development & Brand Strategy & Web Development

SMS Is a data services company specializing in data, media, digital solutions, customer acquisition and modeling & analytics. They merged services with Spectra Data Group and needed a whole new branding identity for their combined services.

We were hired to develop a full brand identity system. As acting CMO, the solution was to design a high-impact b-to-b branding program that would reposition the company within the direct marketing industry focusing on start-to-finish services.

“Who Will You Connect With Today, was the theme that the entire brand was created around”

Behind the Scenes

We built a visual brand around this company’s Data-Driven, Multi-Channel Marketing Services. We promoted delivering authentic brand experiences that drive loyalty to achieve these customer connections through a deep understanding of customer behaviors. Our approach to the end-to-end branding revealed meaningful insights to create strategies that engage the customer, building long-standing relationships.

Client: SMS Marketing Services, Inc.

2013 The Benjamin Franklin Awards, Benny for B-to-B Direct Mail
2013 W3 Awards Silver for Branded Website
2013 W3 Awards Silver for Corporate Communications
2013 Davey Award Gold for Print Collateral Brochure
2013 MarCom International Award Platinum for Corporate Logo
2013 MarCom International Award Platinum for B-to-B Website
2013 MarCom International Award Gold for B-to-B Capabilities Brochure
2013 MarCom International Award Gold for B-to-B Marketing Campaign

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent and a visionary like Fran Sharkey. Fran is wonderful to work with—she’s smart, creative, responsive and has a very high level of commitment to her clients. She never ceases to amaze with her innovative concepts, marketing expertise and business strategies. Her creative vision and knowledge of the industry make her a valuable asset to any client or company. If you are looking for top results and want to work with someone who will bring your business to the next level, then she is your person. Great team player with great attention to details and budgets.“

— Lon Mandel, CEO, SMS Marketing, Inc.


What is the purpose of full brand identity architecture

The purpose of the Identity Guide is to ensure the total quality and consistency of the corporate brand and reinforce the advantages of using specific marks of identity to clarify the brand to key audiences and industry segments. The coordinated family of marks of identity, used in conjunction with consistency, applied color, typography, images, and other elements, will provide the visual communications of the corporate brand with unity, focus, and a clear reflection of the spirit of the brand. What the Logo Represents is a section at the beginning of the guide, giving the thought process of the meaning of the logo in great detail.