Rosie O’Donnell, KidRo Productions

Content + Visual Development, Print Marketing, Digital Marketing

Rosie O’Donnell’s KidRo Productions, Inc. creates inspirational and entertaining multimedia experiences for adults, children and families to laugh with and learn from. KidRo produced projects include television programming, radio programming, films, online and new media content, merchandise, books and theater.

We were hired to develop end-to-end branding for Rosie O’Donnell including her family of brands logos and her celebrity website, which include, KidRo Productions, Inc. Rosie’s Broadway Kids, Rosie’s For All Kids Foundation, Rosie’s Shop, and Spingle.

“The Rosie logo is straightforward and direct – like Rosie O’Donnell herself. The yellow color of the swash is bright and bold and conveys life, light and wonder. To Rosie, yellow stands for all that is joyful in the world.”

Behind the Scenes

The logos for Rosie O’Donnell’s entities share several design elements to reflect the unity and consistency of the Rosie O’Donnell brand. The paint-like swash represents an artistic expression that is unique and raw. The distressed text lettering is an authentic expression of individual freedom and an original voice. The heart, penned by Rosie O’Donnell herself, shows her hands-on approach to life. The bold punctuation mark evokes Rosie’s continuously strong and distinctive voice.

Client: Rosie O’Donnell, KidRo Productions

2008 The Summit International Creative Awards Silver for Corporate Logo
2008 The Summit International Creative Awards Bronze for Corporate Logo
2008 The Communicator Awards Gold for Family Corporate Branded Logos
2008 The Communicator Awards Gold for Corporate Identity Design
2008 BOLI Award (Best On Long Island) Bronze for Stationery Package
2008 BOLI Award (Best On Long Island) Best of Category for Corporate Logo
2008 Hermes International Award Platinum for Branded Website

“In the demanding world of entertainment, Fran Sharkey and her incredibly talented team at Sharkey Advertising were the answer to our every need. Their creativity was unmatched, their execution superb and the results were beyond our expectations. How did they do that? Sharkey Advertising truly listened to what we needed, and then they moved quickly, efficiently, and deliberately. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to bring Sharkey Advertising on-board – I know I can trust that our vision will be realized by the incomparable Ms. Sharkey and her amazing team.”

—Michele Riordan Read, Previous Senior Vice President Development & Marketing, KidRo Productions, Inc.