Calibrant Digital

Content + Visual Development, Design + Identity, Web Development, Brand Strategy

Calibrant Digital, a sister company of Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc., is an online marketing and consulting firm that redefines and reimagines how partners reach and interact with their customers. Calibrant is focused on strategic consulting and projects within all types of insurance, financial services, subscription & consumer goods.

We were hired to develop a new brand by creating a new fresh logo identity and a new online presence. Sharkey Advertising focused on brand design, brand development and building brand equity. Sharkey Advertising is committed to supporting Calibrant initiatives, and partners with them to promote brand awareness, and drive traffic.

Behind the Scenes

We built a visual brand that is very dynamic, textured and bold on the new website, using only black and white dramatically lit relatable imagery with highlights of the bold Calibrant orange. Streamline, simplistic and stylized is the creative backbone behind this new brand. The newly created Calibrant Digital logo was executed to highlight the C and depict “digital” with an electric blue circular digital pattern. We developed new branded taglines throughout that touted “Experience the Touch of Digital Reimagination,” “Digital Solutions With A Different View” that plays with the Adrea Rubin Brand “We See Things From A Different Point of View,” “Calibrant is All Things Digital.” And “Redefining Possible.”

Client: Calibrant Digital

“We had a vision for the branding and website that Sharkey Advertising designed for our new division Calibrant Digital. It was exciting to collaborate with Fran and her team on the website and logo design for Calibrant. In a sea of sameness, she helped us differentiate and reimagine all things digitalSM. The long-term relationship between Adrea Rubin Marketing and Sharkey Advertising continues to support promotion of our brand and of our business. I am proud of the work we accomplished together. I would endorse Fran and her team for exceptional creativity and service.”

—Adrea Rubin, CEO, Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc. and Calibrant Digital