Michigan Nose & Sinus Heath

Michigan Nose & Sinus Health is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of patients struggling with breathing, sinus, and airway related issues. The practice is led by Dr. J. Martin Ulrich, D.O., F.O.C.O.O., a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist. With decades of experience, Dr. Ulrich is highly trained in medicine and surgery of the ear, nose, throat, head, and neck as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

We were hired to create a new brand logo, and online presence with a new branded website, SEO, and email marketing campaign. Sharkey Advertising focused on brand development to promote brand awareness, and improve the user experience for a practice that’s known to being compassionate and sensitive to each patient’s individual needs. Patients are also able to fill out forms before visit to make it easier for them.

Behind the Scenes

This established Otolaryngologist center wanted to create a new type of practice that focuses on Allergy, Sinus and Snoring. We built a new brand starting with a new logo air icon to represent breathing easy tying into Allergy, Sinus and Snoring. Using nurturing, insightful brand imagery, copy, design, and a super calming color palette, we created an Informative, inviting, relatable, trustworthy dynamic new branded website.

Client: Michigan Nose & Sinus Health
Dr. J. Martin Ulrich, D.O., F.O.C.O.O.