Data Services Inc.

Content + Visual Development, Brand Strategy, Web Development, Print Marketing

Data Services, Inc. is a true global data management partner, offering advanced data management platform solutions, and manages, maintains and process domestic and international data. Data Services, Inc. provides direct marketing opportunities for clients across the globe.

We were hired to develop end-to-end branding for Data Services, Inc., including Data Management Platform logos for MarketView, LEX List Express, DonorView and Mainspring. Our branding initiatives included the new branded website, marketing collateral, and email marketing.

“We use “best practices” for content and SEO optimization to increase Data Services, Inc.’s search rankings, helping them to attract the right customers and get tangible results.”

Behind the Scenes

We built a high impact B2B branding program for Data Services, Inc. utilizing a red, white and blue visual brand around this company’s global data management solutions. Sharkey Advertising is committed to supporting Data Services, Inc.’s initiatives, and partners with them in our effort to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, generate new business and improve the user experience.

Client: Data Services, Inc.

2016 Muse International Creative Award Bronze B-to-B Branded Website

“Fran worked with us to upgrade our website, and she and her team were just wonderful. They were extremely responsive, getting back to us right away when we had questions or changes. Most importantly, they learned how our business operates, and what we need the website to do, as opposed to putting up a bunch of pretty pictures. We look at Sharkey now as an integral partner to our marketing team, and we’ll be relying on them for marketing materials and design in the years to come.”

— Data Services, Inc.


Why is end-to-end branding and having a brand that customers can relate with important

Having customers relate with your brand is important for more than just an immediate recognition. A good brand will live beyond the immediate transaction and resonate with the customer. Your brand takes on a new identity within the thoughts of your customers.

In this way, your brand becomes the main way you introduce your company to customers. It’s important to spend time and resources into building an effective brand and integrating this brand in all the ways your company associates with customers. The positive experience your company provides will become intimately linked to your specific brand.