Bayberry Capital Group

Web Development, Brand Strategy

Bayberry Capital Group sources, acquires, renovates, develops, leases, and sells a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial properties. They target distressed properties, selective development sites, non-performing mortgage notes, and low LTV lending opportunities throughout NY and the Tri-state area.

We were hired to create a new Bayberry Capital Group logo, and branded website, as well as an overall brand strategy by elevating the creative visual and content brand messaging. We focus on user experience, creation of visual impact, and strong brand communication, ensuring a clear brand experience.

“The strategy we utilize is focused on the identification and acquisition of distressed real estate properties, including their timely restoration and sale, all to help generate exceptional risk-adjusted returns to our investors. The low interest rate environment, an improving housing market, and the attractive rental alternative further enhance our position.”

Behind the Scenes

We built a visual brand around this company’s real estate investing, which is paramount to their success. Our approach to the end-to-end branding, focusing on Real Estate Investing, Buying Real Estate with Your IRA, Security of Real Estate Investments, and Diversifying Your Portfolio. The website is designed to engage the customer, building long-standing relationships.

Client: Bayberry Capital Group


Dos and Don’ts when creating a website

Creating a website is a challenge, but the rewards are well worth it. Creating a website that works well and looks good is a long term investment that will increase customers’ opinions of your company. A greatly designed website increases the consumer’s sense of your brand’s professionalism and competence. Your website can become one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Of course, it’s important to do it right. If you don’t have experience in web design and marketing, you may have some general ideas of how to get started, but you probably don’t know the important specifics that come with planning and creating a truly effective website. It can be a complicated process, and it needs to be done right. So, how should you start?

Creating a website – Do:

  • plan a site map
  • use branded content
  • create product and service centered content
  • make use of clear calls to actions
  • make smart use of space, sizing and headlines
  • create your mobile strategy at the same time as your desktop strategy
  • use open source platforms
  • perform regular maintenance

Creating a website – Don’t:

  • make a website without expert help
  • make them search for what they want
  • overwhelm a customer
  • assume you’ll get visitors right away
  • link to Twitter and Facebook without consideration
  • have a blog if you don’t update it