Web Development, Brand Strategy

DMFA is dedicated to helping nonprofit direct marketing fundraising professionals grow donor contributions effectively and efficiently.

We were hired to refresh the DMFA logo, and branded website, as well as an overall brand strategy for this nonprofit by elevating the creative visual and content brand messaging.

“Throughout the year we offer a series of educational workshops, fun and engaging luncheons and informative special events where members can network with each other and share valuable marketing insights that they can apply immediately to their unique challenges.”

Behind the Scenes

We built a visual brand around this company’s membership response vehicle, which is paramount to their success. Our approach to the end-to-end branding, focusing on New Members, Renewed Members and Events, revealed meaningful insights to create strategies that engage the customer, building long-standing relationships.

Client: DMFA Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association

“Sharkey was a pleasure to work with. They were extremely responsive and encouraging throughout our web site redesign process. We loved the designs they provided and appreciate all the help they provided in making sure our web site was launched successfully.”

— Risa Sudnow, Association Director, DMFA Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association