Cave & Cheney

Web Development, Brand Strategy

As experienced top brokers representing over 20 of the top-rated carriers in the country, Cave & Cheney offers customers term, whole, and universal life insurance. The professionals at Cave & Cheney work with the nation’s top-rated insurance companies in order to deliver life insurance solutions tailored to meet individual needs.

We were hired to develop a new brand by creating a new online presence. Sharkey Advertising focused on brand design, brand development and building brand equity. Sharkey Advertising is committed to supporting Cave & Cheney’s initiatives, and partners with them in our effort to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, generate new business.

Behind the Scenes

We built a visual brand around C&C’s Term, Whole, and Universal Life Insurance. The website focuses on the personal side of Life Insurance For Your Family, Financial Consideration, Inheritance and for a Business. Features such as Why We Buy Life Insurance, and Get Instant Quote with detailed logic, are some of the highlights of this dynamic new website.

Client: Cave & Cheney