Content + Visual Development, Overall Brand Strategy, Web Development, Print Marketing

NasLex acts as an extension to any practice or facility to seamlessly optimize the billing process—from claims to collections.

We were hired as CMO to brand this start up company, and developed a new logo, branded website, sales and marketing materials as well as an overall brand strategy.

Naslex - Overall Brand Strategy

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

Behind the Scenes

We built a visual brand around this company’s response to the movement away from patient-centered care and inaccurate reimbursements across the healthcare industy. Our approach to the end-to-end branding revealed meaningful insights to create strategies that engage the customer, building long-standing relationships.

Client: NasLex Medical Billing Solutions


Why do you need to develop an overall brand strategy

Successful branding will help your company stand out from its competition. Ideally, successful branding will make it so that potential customers see you as the go-to company in your industry. It’s important to have a brand that customers will recognize as representing consistent quality service or products.

So the importance of a brand is clear, but how do you actually go about creating one?

Branding identifies the products or services of your company through a consistent image that is portrayed through:

  • Visual Layout & Design • Branded logos  • Copy  • Imagery  • Color palette  • Other Design elements

Maintaining brand consistency across all marketing vehicles is paramount to drive maximum results. Extending the brand and carrying the “look and feel” across marketing efforts includes logo design, website, email marketing, print & digital advertising campaigns, presentation decks, corporate capabilities kits, collateral, direct mail, and trade show support.