CPC Associates, Inc.

Content + Visual Development, Print Marketing, Digital Marketing

CPC Associates, Inc. was a full-service provider of direct marketing support services. CPC used technology and their ability to strategically apply robust resources to generate high performance results for businesses. Our award-winning campaigns were very effective in creating positive impressions and worked to set the clients apart.”

We were hired for the purpose of creating an end-to-end branding campaign for CPC. The client’s strategy was to introduce state-of-the-art technologies, restructure and re-brand them making them more profitable to sell in the direct marketing industry. Sharkey Advertising developed an individualized unique strategy.

“Just two and a half years later, as a result of the work Sharkey Advertising did for CPC Associates, sales grew over 400%. CPC was sold to Epsilon.”

Behind the Scenes

Sharkey Advertising’s challenge was to re-brand CPC with a fresh new identity to reflect their new capabilities and resources and to enhance their actual and perceived value among potential purchasers. We designer a high-impact b-to-b branding program that would reposition CPC within the direct marketing industry focusing on technology enhancements while emphasizing their ability to deliver complete start-to-finish services in the direct mail arena.

Client: CPC Associates, Inc.

2005 Communicator Award of Distinction for Print Media Advertising
2004 Communicator Award of Distinction for Print Media Advertising

“I hired Fran and her firm at 3 different firms that I was president of over about a 10 year period of time. Her firm did all our creative, website design, media placement and image building. Her work won several industry awards. As a result, each firm grew in size and in most cases we more than doubled our annual revenue. She and her team were wonderful to work with, very creative, cutting edge and always on time. Her firm is one of the best kept secrets in the industry, a real winner in my book.”

— Dave Thornbury, Previous CEO of CPC Associates, Inc.


How to Ensure Brand Consistency with a Style Guide

A style guide can be vital to ensuring your company has a clear and consistent brand. Generally, there will be many people throughout your company working closely with your brand identity, and they may have different idea on how to make use of the brand. These people may be directly marketing the brand, or they may be creating independent content for your company that requires integration of brand elements. Designers, writers, website developers, and others all need to be on the same page when it comes to how to best portray your company’s brand.

The Importance of a Style Guide

The room for diverging ideas on the brand grows with the number of people working on the brand. Style guides can be especially important for large teams or teams working in different locations. It’s extremely important to make sure your brand has consistency. Consistency in branding will make your brand recognizable, and as customers come to be more familiar with your brand, having a recognizable brand will transfer into long-term trust from customers with positive experiences.

The fundamentals of your brand style should be detailed in a style guide to ensure all employees working on that brand follow basic branding techniques. If your company ever creates a new brand or redesigns an old brand, it is important to create a new style guide to ensure consistent brand usage from the founding of the brand.