Clinical Systems, Inc.

Content + Visual Development, Brand Strategy, Design + Identity, Web Development, Print Marketing

Clinical Systems, Inc.focuses on producing clinical label products that meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries and have led the way in innovations, accuracy and quality. CSI developed the most powerful software tools in the industry, which drive our entire design and manufacturing process for 100% accuracy.

We were hired to develop a full brand identity system to tell a unique story. Sharkey Advertising focused on brand design, brand development and building brand equity for Clinical Systems, Inc. We detailed the user experience, creation of visual impact, and strong brand communication. Sharkey Advertising created a look, feel and voice that is unique to Clinical Systems, Inc.

“The Technology That Drives Your Clinical Packaging. The People that Navigate Your Success”

Behind the Scenes

We provide a full suite of marketing services for Clinical Systems, Inc. including a newly developed branded logo, website, marketing and capabilities kits touting “We See Solutions To Your Clinical Label Challenges” tag throughout. The vivid eye imagery draws the user in. Combining the importance of people and technology is the backbone of this new brand. We understand the power of visual communications to build the identity of corporations, products and services.

Client: Clinical Systems, Inc.

“This is what you get when you deal with Sharkey Advertising – Commensurate professionalism, creative options galore, a quick understanding of your market and perspectives, an aggressive timetable to move your project at a rapid pace, in-depth resources in all of the vital marketing disciplines and a portfolio of finished products that will exceed your expectations!  One of the best things I ever did for our business was to hire Fran Sharkey – you should hire her too!”

— Roger Halvorsen, CEO Clinical Systems, Inc.