Adrea Rubin Marketing

Content and Visual Development, Brand Strategy, Web Development

A Direct to Consumer Agency with a Different View, Adrea Rubin Marketing, —certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as a diversified vendor— provides innovative data-driven solutions that lead to profitable growth. Marketing objectives for acquiring, retaining and retargeting customers are accomplished by their “Think Different” approach.

We were hired to create a new Adrea Rubin Marketing logo depicting a modern, forward-thinking brand, while keeping the iconic pink and orange branded Adrea Rubin colors. It was also time for a refreshed website based on the original Different View concept using of black and white color-blocked images.

“Sharkey Advertising creates ‘A Different View’ for Adrea Rubin Marketing.”

Behind the Scenes

The Adrea Rubin Marketing fonts depict a vibrant personality using modern serif and san serif typefaces. The multi-facet logo icon showcases personality by visually representing the tenor and tone of the Adrea Rubin brand. The square shape is made up of triangles that depict power, stability, and upward momentum conveying movement and direction based on where the triangle’s point is facing. As a whole, the facets of this many-sided prism depict that Adrea Rubin Marketing embraces all aspects of diversity and inclusion—and provides a wide range of services and features with many perspectives. The play of light on the diamond’s multi-faceted surface are strong and layered geometric shapes and a solid substance, which is the most beautiful and diversified Different View.

Client: Adrea Rubin Marketing

“When deciding to redesign our Adrea Rubin Marketing logo and website, I knew that I would hire Sharkey Advertising. Having worked with Fran for over 17 years, I knew that she would be able to deliver on my vision. Fran and team have been able to enhance our brand image to match our corporate mission and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. They are able to deliver in all industry sectors. I’m proud of the multiple awards that the logo and website have received.”

— Adrea Rubin, CEO, Adrea Rubin Marketing, Inc.