Charter Land Title Agency

Content + Visual Development, Print Marketing

Charter Land Title Agency is a policy-issuing agent of First American Title Insurance Company of New York, United General Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and Washington Title Insurance Company.

We were hired to develop a new branded logo, marketing collateral and direct mail. We keep an eye out for maintaining brand consistency across marketing vehicles to reach the target audience and drive maximum results.

“Experience, intuition, creativity, and brand development expertise makes for a successful project.”

Behind the Scenes

Sharkey Advertising created a new identity for this successful title agency. We used the olive green to depict strength, growth, stability, reach of services, and, of course, land. We incorporated a corporate type treatment for this fast growing title company. Once the logo was set, we created a traditional marketing kit and a direct mailer.

Client: Charter Land Title Agency, Inc.

2005 International Summit Creative Gold Award for Corporate Logo Design


How Sharkey Advertising can develop your branded style guide and new branded logo

Your branded logo is one of the pillars of your brand and it needs to be consistently and artfully displayed. A style guide should have rules detailing the size and placement of your logo in various forms of content. It’s possible that your brand has multiple logos. Your style guide should define when and where different logos should be used, and should detail where the usage of certain logos may be inappropriate.

It would be rather striking to have similar pieces of content appear in different fonts. A style guide should give outlines for the proper fonts to use in various pieces of content your company may produce. It should ensure that there are clear guidelines for titles, headings, and body text.

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